Covid-19 Information

The Hall has been open since the end of Covid restrictions for use by groups, organisations and individuals and arrangements are working satisfactorily. There is always the possibility that Covid may return to our communities and this information is being retained for future guidance.

Anyone who wishes to use the hall should contact the Hall Keeper; however, the Church does have certain conditions which must be adhered to by everyone using the hall; details are given below.

All groups renting the hall must have their own risk assessment, in a format as they see fit, as we cannot assume or dictate a risk assessment, nor will we approve any; we only require to see that you have one.  Some or all of these conditions may change depending of the state of Covid infections and government advice or instructions. We do require that hall users disinfect touched and handled common areas, e.g. door handles and light switches, toilet doors and handles.  We provide a supply of proper materials at various locations.

Each group should do the cleaning at the start of their session to ensure their own protection; this is because you cannot be sure that the previous group completed their cleaning or that it complies with your risk-assessment. 

Use of the red chairs requires attention but we have eased our requirements for this as more recent analysis shows that this chair fabric is not an area of risk. We now ask users to take chairs from the end store-room and, before use, to disinfect the high metal parts of the legs; then, after use, to return the chairs to the store. It is not necessary to mark the stacks as used, but please do try and load 8 chairs to a stack.

Preparation of drinks in the kitchen is allowed, along with cleaning of surfaces.  For the moment we suggest that individuals bring their own cups and mugs as it is the only way to be sure that a cup is clean.  It will also save on clearing away time at the end of a session.  For larger events use of the dishwasher will ensure safety, with protective gloves used for handling afterwards.

Any incidence of Covid contact, either advised by your members or via NHS apps, as soon as known, MUST be immediately reported to the Hall Keeper.