• We received 7,098 shoe boxes and cash donations of £13,850.
  • We packed 665 cartons onto 28 pallets, a full 12-metre trailer.
  • We sorted an average of more than 1,000 shoe boxes each day.
  • Our total was the same as in 2014 and 15% up on 2013.


  • Women and girls received 60% of the boxes, men and boys 40%; children including teenagers, 70%; adults 30%.; children under the age of 7 received 40% of the total.
  • The largest individual share goes equally to women, including elderly,
    and girls aged 3-7, with 20% each.
  • The smallest share goes, as usual, to teenage boys with less than 5%; this is still an improvement over previous years when they would get around 3%.
  • Men are given roughly half that of women.


It is not surprising that shoe boxes for females make up the majority as women do most of the providing of filled shoe boxes; and it’s always nice to buy pretty things, even more so for little girls. But I always feel sorry for teenage boys; they must wonder if Santa Claus has simply forgotten they exist as they watch box after box get handed out to their sisters, smaller brothers and parents. If you want to make a difference then please, when buying for your shoe box or boxes, think about those whose share is less than average and plan your donation so that they can benefit.