Goal groups

First Goal
To work with Reid Memorial & Mayfield Salisbury & within Newington Churches Together to develop further Christian bonds between the congregations & members.
Report to April meeting of Kirk Session.
Gordon Braidwood, David Reid, Alex Shepherd, Julia Yarker, Isobel Kerr, Julie Read, Isobel Smith.

Second Goal
To develop further our commitment to Christian social action through our efforts to become an eco-congregation & our support of organisations such as Blythswood Care, Christian Aid, Fresh Start & Send a Cow.
Report to November meeting of Kirk Session.
Margaret Cargill, John Kelly, Andrew Wilson, Anne Deane, Carolyn Thornton, Norman Weibye, Danny McQueen, Elizabeth McLeod.

Third Goal
To build up further inter-generational bonds within the congregation & local community through increasing the number of family services and developing varied social & pastoral programmes.
Report to January meeting of Kirk Session.
Colin Aitken, Molly Longmuir, Christopher McLeod, Roger Paton, Katy Ruggeri, Chris Tonks, Miriam Weibye.

Fourth Goal
To review current opportunities for Christian nurture & education of all ages in the congregation & to explore new possibilities for encouraging wider participation.
Report to March meeting of Kirk Session.
David Cargill, Sandra Lamb, Pauline Weibye, Seonaid Wilson, Astrid Gracie, Gillian Hall, John Knox, Flora Paton, Sheena Stenhouse.