Delivery dates run from 30th October until 10th November: UPDATE 9th November – if you still have shoe boxes to deliver please phone 07766-888 644 NOW.

Please, if you can, deliver as soon as possible after Monday 30th October.  We will have staff available at Craigmillar Park Church to receive these deliveries.  Think of that week, 30th October until 3rd November, as the main delivery week and plan your shoe boxes accordingly.  bags of boxesYes, we shall also be receiving the following week, 6th to 10th November and, as a final extension, Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th November, but that’s it.  We cannot take in shoe boxes after that date; and we really, really do not want deliveries on these two days.

If possible, please deliver to us, with the shoe boxes gathered in large plastic (black) refuse sacks.  Loose shoe boxes require double the amount of handling by our staff.

Please aim to deliver between 9.30am and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday; outside of these times there are parking and bus-lane restrictions at CPC.   Evening deliveries are possible but must be made by arrangement: send requests by e-mail to, or phone: 07766-888 644

van cartonsDeliveries and collections are a vital part of the sorting work: after shoe boxes have been filled, in all parts of the country, they have to be transported to a sorting centre from which they are packed in large cartons and sent to be loaded into a container for final transport overseas.  At the Edinburgh shoebox-hall-colsorting centre we can do nothing until we receive these deliveries of shoe boxes; the sooner they get to us, the sooner we can start work.  In previous years some shoe boxes have arrived too late for inclusion in the Christmas shipments and have had to be left in the warehouse until the following year.

Therefore, please make a special effort to get as many shoe boxes as possible in to us during the week before the sorting centre opens.

Click here for a map to find Craigmillar Park Church – it is in Newington not in Craigmillar!


Large quantities can be uplifted by our collection van; see collections in the menu above.